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Ghazni 220/20KV Substation:

Ghazni Substation (USAID PROJECT) ( is located in Ghazni Province.) ( The Ghazni Substation is going to be built in 16000m2 area, the mentioned are selected to cover all future expansions and allow DABS to implement its future plans in the mentioned are) Ghazni substation have one 220 kV line bay, 20 kV yard with indoor switchgear, two 20 kV line bays each capable of expansion to 34 MVA, line dead-end structures for connection to four 20 kV distribution lines. One high voltage 220 kV/20 kV 16 MVA transformer. Substation designs include a control building utilizing the OPGW for SCADA/EMS. The control building have DABS industry standard bus, transformers, breakers, and line protection. It has been sized and equipped with panels to allow expansion as indicated for substation line bays.( The Substation is designed and constructed according to International standards, it is a fully automatic substation and can be controlled from National Load Center via Optical fibers link and SCADA System)

Canals & building 220 / 20 Kv Ghazni Substation (USAID PROJECT)
Control Building 500/220/20kv Dasht Alwan substation (ADB PROJECT)
Control House Building 220 / 20 Kv Ghazni Substation (USAID PROJECT)